About Us

About Us

My grandfather, Roy Morris, (2nd on right) and his three brothers during WWII.

Most kids growing up will never forget their first pocket knife. My grandfather had quite a collection of knives I would admire when visiting. When I was old enough, he finally gave me one for my birthday. Mom wasn't happy, but I was beyond excited and carried it everywhere. That was the start of my own collection and a lifelong passion for knives.

That passion took on a life of its own when my father, Gene Morris, a successful entrepreneur in the construction/industrial/hardware industry wanted to start a company from the ground floor. We combined our mutual love of knives, his business savvy and resources, and my marketing background to form Sarge Knives. We felt Sarge was the perfect name to honor both my grandfathers who served in World War II. Wouldn't Granddad Roy, an Army Sergeant, have been proud to know the inspiration behind Sarge Knives was his present to me so many years ago.

SARGE is a family owned business in Greer, SC. Our mission when we started and still in existence today is simple: "Offer a wide variety of high quality knives at a value price point backed with a lifetime warranty."

How can we do that?... by carefully selecting and partnering with the very best factories in the world. Our knives are manufactured to strict specifications using high quality materials at the most economical prices. As one of the fastest growing knife companies in the industry, we are extremely proud of the company we created and the products we provide.

Experience SARGE for yourself. You'll see our knives will become part of your daily  routine... Wake up, get dressed, put your SARGE knife in your pocket and tackle the day!

Matt Morris
VP of Sales

                                                                                                           Always Rugged. Always Dependable. Always SARGE.