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Welcome to the Sarge Knives Accessories section! The perfect addition to your new knife is a great sheath or holster. There really is no better way to complement your Sarge blades than with a Sarge knife holster.

A knife is not like a cheap pen that you can just keep in your pocket and not worry that much if it falls out. Having your knife is essential for your everyday tasks, and for your protection. When you're out in the field, hunting or fishing, or working in a construction site, you can't afford to have your knife slip out of your pocket. With a little love, you can preserve even your old knife. You should not only sharpen its blade(s) once in awhile, but you should also store it in a quality sheath with good working locks. These can keep your knife safe and in good working condition.

SARGE knife holsters can help you store and carry your quality knives safely and securely. Depending on the tools you have, you can choose to order either a small case or a large case. A small case fits a small pocket knife up to 3¼ inches long and 1 inch wide. A large case can house large folding knives up to 5 inches long and 1½ inches wide. These products are made of heavy duty molded nylon. Our commitment to you is to provide you with top knife accessories and other outdoor items at an affordable price. We also deliver all our products at a reasonable shipping rate. After you've tried us out, we think you'll agree that nothing beats the quality, affordability and dependability of Sarge Knives!