Assisted Opening Knives

Assisted Opening Knives

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Assisted Opening Knives

Assisted opening knives use an internal mechanism to make opening the knife an easier process. Commonly confused with switchblades, flick knives, and automatic knives, these spring-assisted knives require the user to partially open the blade using a flipper or thumb stud. Most folding knives and assisted opening knives have a natural bias toward closure. This bias is a safety feature that prevents the blade from accidentally opening in your pocket or bag. Once the blade moves past the bias, a spring-assisted mechanism does the rest to finish opening the blade. To close an AO knife, you unlock the blade, usually by pushing the liner lock outward toward the handle and then use a finger to push the blade back into the handle. People who use a knife many times a day find they can get their job done faster with an assisted opening folder.

Selecting the right spring assisted knife for you depends mainly on how you plan to use the knife as well as how quickly you need the knife to deploy. For example, a skydiver needs a knife that can be opened with one hand in a hurry should they need to cut a parachute line during a dive. In addition, a first responder at an accident scene needs their knife to open quickly when they're trying to cut through a victim's tangled seatbelt in a burning car. That's why some of our Swift Assist knives also have a serrated edge on a section of the knife's blade. A sawing action back and forth helps the teeth of the blade make a deeper cut with each stroke. Assisted opening knives are also excellent for people with disabilities that limit their ability to deploy a knife's blade.

As is the case with purchasing any knife, the type of blade, fit of the handle, and quality of construction are important variables to consider. However, with an assisted opening knife, there are a couple of additional factors that go into making the right selection. Since an AO knife requires that the blade be partially opened before activating the spring-loaded mechanism, you must decide between a flipper or thumb stud. Each style requires about the same amount of effort and neither has a distinct advantage, so it is really up to you. The locking mechanism for a spring-assisted knife is also important. Quality assisted opening knives should never close accidentally when they are fully opened. On the other hand, it also shouldn't pop open inside your pocket.

One-hand opening knives are folders that may or may not have a spring mechanism to assist with deployment. Some tactical folding knives are designed to open so quickly and smoothly that assistance isn't needed. Cheaper assisted opening knives, however, usually have a poorly designed spring mechanism and typically have a slower speed when deploying the blade. With a quality AO knife, the mechanism should never allow the blade to wiggle back and forth. Plus, a premium knife will typically have a blade made from the best material like 440 stainless steel and a coated finish that resists corrosion. The better design and engineering of our assisted opening knives means the blades hold an edge longer and our grips are ergonomically designed for a solid feel. If you want a quality knife that is easy to open and performs in many different situations, our assisted opening knives are for you!