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The earliest axes date back to the Stone Age and were designed for the axe head to be handheld. These early versions did not include a slot or hole for a handle. During the Bronze Age, the role of the axe became multifold as battle axes were used as a weapon with superior features to swords and other blades. Some battle axes were designed for use with one hand while others required two-handed operation to deliver a deeper, more powerful, cut. Since less time was spent on the battlefield than maintaining an encampment, a soldier's axe was also a useful utility tool.

Our survival axe kit is best suited for cutting and chopping more dense materials than a machete. In fact, we also include a machete-like tool in the kit that has a full-length serrated blade to make quick work when sawing through objects. Coupled with a fire starter stick, the kit is carried in a nylon fiber sheath and is suitable for camping, backpacking and blazing new trails. Generally speaking, a larger axe head needs a longer handle, and the size of the axe head is best determined by the intended tasks. The smallest variety of the hand axe is often called a hatchet. 

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