Become A Dealer

Become a Dealer

Thank you for your interest in becoming a SARGE product dealer. We depend on our dealers to support and drive the SARGE brand.

In order to become a dealer, you must provide us a copy of your state re-sellers license or local business license, a Federal Tax ID number and a current credit reference sheet.

Opening Orders and order minimums:
In order to establish your account with SARGE, the minimum opening order for a prepay account is $150.00. Credit applications for Net 30 terms are available upon request and require a $500 opening order. In order to maintain your account, a minimum of $500.00 must be ordered each calendar year with no individual orders under $50.00. Shipping will be pre-paid on orders exceeding $300.00. For prepay dealers who register their online account qualify for free freight on restock orders of $75 placed via the website.

Contact Info.
For more in formation regarding on becoming a dealer, please feel free to e-mail us at:

Please fax information to:


Dealer Registration Form Please fill all the texts in the fields.