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Boating Knives

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Boating Knives

Good boating knives are a must-have utility tool with tons of practical uses for boaters, sailors, and anglers alike. Our rigging knives are a must-have: lightweight and easy to deploy stainless steel blades that are always ready in a time of need. Fashioned from 440 Stainless Steel, our blades offer high corrosion resistance without compromising sharpness and durability. Whether you are a saltwater or freshwater boater, our combination smooth-edged and serrated blades allow you to apply the pressure needed at the point of contact regardless of the cutting angle. As always, Sarge Knives offers a selection of nautical knives with higher portability that are easy to carry and as stylish as any marine folding knife.

A sharp knife is always a boater's best friend, and one of the most versatile tools that you will have onboard. Although many anglers and boaters still prefer a fixed blade for ease of deployment, our nautical folders are very portable and incorporate other useful tools and features such as a shackle key, marlinspike, and lanyard loop. As is the case with any new knife, you should always practice opening your knife while on land. Since your life may one day depend on it, this will help you to develop the skills needed for one hand opening and closing in case of an emergency on the water. Like fixed blade knives, our marine folders can only help you out in time of need when they are with you. For that reason, we recommend you make full use of the lanyard hole, or consider wearing a neck sheath.

Our boating knife comes ready to use right out of the box. All you need to do is attach a lanyard, and you will always have a rigging knife or nautical knife at hand when you need it most. The mirror-finished 2.75" blade tucks neatly away into a white bone handle for a closed length of only 4 inches. The slip joint locking mechanism provides easy access to the partially serrated blade, marlinspike, and shackle key. This multi-functional nautical knife is easy to open and impervious to saltwater for long life in the marine environment. Aside from the general cutting tasks, our boating knives can help save lives when the unexpected happens working around the docks or on the open water. Plus, the partially-serrated blade makes it a versatile carry for cutting lines or rigging.

Before selecting from our collection of boating knives, you should look at the handle to determine how the shape and material will work for you. Some boaters prefer a fitted handle commonly found on our tactical folders while others like a more traditional feel. Something as simple as the ridges on the back and base of the blade can help you orient the knife when your hands are cold or wet. Some boaters want the sailor's knife they carry to feature grip contours or cross-hatch patterns on the handle to prevent their wet fingers from sliding onto the blade under pressure. When you take into account everything from price and function, to durability and aesthetics, our boating knives are hard to beat. If you need assistance with an order, don't hesitate to give us a call at 1-800-454-7448.