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Camping Knives

At one time, camping knives were a cheap knife and fork combo with a compass on the end of the handle. How things have changed in the knife world! Nowadays, camping knives come with features that combine some of the best elements of a survival knife, hunting knife, fishing knife and your favorite every day carry. Although most knife manufacturers also market many of their specialty knives as camping knives, it does not mean that a great multi-purpose knife won't work well in differing situations. The key is to determine how long you plan to stay in the wilderness, and what you're going to need for your camping trip. After all, if everything always went as planned, you probably wouldn't need a knife at all. But, as the old saying goes, it is better to have a versatile knife and not need it, than to need a knife and not have one.

Camping is an outdoor activity that varies greatly. Some people go camping in a motor home and spend most of their time in a wilderness RV Park. For others, a camping trip is a meaningful challenge to coexist with nature while carrying all the resources needed on their back. Heading into the woods without a good blade (or two) would simply be incomprehensible for the latter. You may not have to build a lean-to, or field dress a wild boar, but chances are good that you'll need to chop wood, start a fire, cut some rope, or open a can for a hearty meal. Although we don't go to the woods thinking we'll have to defend ourselves, more than one camper has found themselves in a sticky situation where a handy blade helped save the day.

It is important to pick your fixed blade or folders based on the environment that you plan to be visiting. Where a machete may be a good choice for blazing new trails, it can be a lot to carry when you're basically following a beaten path. In fact, most backpackers today are trying to lighten their load without sacrificing what they'll need while camping in the wilderness. The first features a camper looks at are the blade and the handle of a knife. The craftsmanship of both can be as crucial as the type chosen. As for blades, the clip-point is excellent for an all-around knife; whereas a spear point provides two identical edges, a gut hook makes field dressing an animal or fish an easier task, and a serrated edge allows you to cut through wood or bone.

Since any knife must be controllable, the fit of the handle in your hand and the material used to make the handle are equally important. If you are toting a folding camping knife, the liner lock or locking mechanism must keep the blade fixed while in use. Contrary to a lot of knife advertising, a good survival knife is used much more often as a tool than a weapon. A good fixed blade with a full tang is vital for making a shelter from scratch, chopping firewood and skinning or slicing game. Since most campers don't leave home without their everyday carry, selecting a second knife to go on the trip will depend upon which tasks the knife will be expected to perform. Our large selection of quality knives ensures that you will find the perfect utility knife for your next camping trip! If you have questions about any camping knife, hunting knife, fishing knife, tactical knife or an everyday carry, call Sarge Knives toll free at 1-800-454-7448 for assistance with your order.