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More than ever retailers are seeking unique products to provide for their customers setting themselves apart from competition. We strive to support the independent retailers by eliminating competition with big box stores. Our goal is to offer high quality products at affordable prices with generous profit margins.

Whether you are the owner of a sporting goods store looking to expand your hunting and fishing line, a hardware store wanting a compact every day carry knife display, or a gift store in need of unique specialty gifts – you can count on SARGE. Our expansive product line better equips you to fulfill the vast needs of your customers.

Our selection of knife displays includes smaller compact countertop displays, medium-sized magnetic countertop displays, to free standing floor displays. Regardless of what you choose, all of our knife displays include locking acrylic covers and locking storage for added security. The displays’ modern design and price points of the knives featured create an opportunity to increase customers’ impulse buys.

At SARGE, we strive to do everything in a professional manner, by scrutinizing every element of contact such as catalogs, packaging and the website to insure a pleasant experience. As a SARGE dealer you will receive all the tools and support you need to insure your success.

  • High Quality Products
  • Generous Profit Margins
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Lockable Product Display Cases
  • Custom Engraving for Self-Promotion
  • Dealer Website Login to Expedite Ordering
  • Authorized Dealer Marketing Material
  • Dealer Support
  • Prepaid Freight at $300



Sarge Elite Dealer Logo

Sarge Knives Elite Dealers demonstrate ultimate commitment to the Sarge Knives Brand. Each Elite Dealer carries a free standing floor display with the biggest selection of Sarge Knives. Being an Elite Dealer is a rank worth bragging about.

  • Exclusive Specials
  • Find a Dealer Recognition
  • Elite Dealer Window Sticker
  • Exclusive Marketing Material