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Fillet Knives

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Fillet Knives

Are you tired of using a fillet knife that rusts, pits, slips out of your hand, and won't hold a sharp edge? Our fillet knives and fish knife kit stay sharper longer, resist rust, and hold up under the harshest environment. Whether you choose to fillet your fish on the boat while still on the water, or at your kitchen counter using your favorite cutting board, our blades deliver a smooth and precise cut every time. Not all stainless steel is created equal, that's why we chose high-end 420 and 440 Stainless Steel to keep a sharp edge, so your fillet knife is ready to use when you need it. The precision design and sharpness of the blade would be highly valued in any chef's kitchen or galley. Although our knives are dishwasher safe, we recommend that you always hand clean just like your favorite fishing or boating knife.

Similar to selecting any fixed or folding knife, special consideration should be given between the sharpness of the blade and how the handle fits your hands. It is important to have a firm grip that is not affected by the thickness of the meat that you are filleting. Quality fillet knives have the sharpness of a good chef's knife, so it is important that the handle design provides protection for your fingers from both the blade and fins of the fish you're slicing. The knife blade needs enough flexibility to allow it to bend slightly, which is more effective when filleting a fish using a boning knife. If you are an avid angler, or frequently eat fish, the size of the blade will be a factor and you may want to consider a fish knife kit with an assortment of blade lengths.

If you prefer to debone or fillet your catch while you're still fishing, a folding fillet knife is exactly what you need. It has all the benefits of the traditional fixed blade knife  but is more convenient for fishing or camping because of its compact size. Our 13" fillet knives feature a secure liner lock that is super strong to provide an extra layer of safety while using the knife. It also has a beautiful Pakkawood handle that fits neatly into a hard-molded nylon SARGE case with snap closures. After all, the best fish fillet starts with a good fillet knife. Not only is it great for filleting, it is a versatile boning knife that can also be used to cut and trim other meats as well as peel and cut vegetables. In fact, we believe we've built the perfect folding knife at a reasonable price that is safer to use and retains its sharpness for the perfect catch.

For a fillet or boning knife that is excellent for preparing any fish regardless of the size, our 12.5" and 9.5" fillet knives make a perfect combination. Each features a titanium coated blade that prevents rust and corrosion while providing a sleek no-stick surface. These knives also come with an oversized ergonomic handle with a non-slip ribbed rubber grip that has a unique finger notch for increased comfort and safety. The handle is large enough so you have outstanding grip security whenever you need to apply additional pressure as you cut through a tougher part of the fish. After all, when filleting fish with your hands covered in blood and fish slime, you need to be able to bear down on the knife without the fear of your hand slipping off the handle. For help with your order, call us toll free at 1-800-454-7448.

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