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Fishing Knives

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Fishing Knives

An assortment of fishing knives is a great addition to any tackle box, and with Sarge Knives online, it is even easier for you to find the best fishing knife that best suits your needs. Our fishing knives are designed to last a lifetime and meet every challenge, as a versatile tool for cutting up your bait or repairing a snagged line, as well as to fillet your fish for cooking. Even better, a functional fishing knife from Sarge Knives is easy to sharpen and guaranteed not to break. Before you plan your next fishing trip, think like a FLW pro angler and make sure you've got the right knife for the tasks at hand.

Although it may lack some of the razor sharpness, stainless steel contains additional metals like iron, nickel and chromium that are very resistant to rust and corrosion. This is especially useful for saltwater anglers. However, the sharpness of regular steel blades are more practical for a fillet knife. Our "Flex 9" and "Flex 12" Point 5 fishing knives feature a titanium coating, a non-slip ribbed rubber grip, and a nylon sheath with PVC lining for optimum protection. The rubberized handle is designed to provide a relaxed and comfortable grip for easy filleting.  It also ensures a secure grip that is useful in breaking down fish. The sharpness of the blade ensures an easy cut, while the anti-corrosive titanium toughness makes it one of the most durable fishing knives in anyone's box.

Heavy use and everyday demands make a fixed-blade fishing knife a better option for the majority of tasks you need to tackle. That's not to say that folders or pocket knives don't have their place too. In fact, our 13" folding fillet knife with a striking Pakkawood handle folds to neatly fit in any tackle box. In addition, its 440 stainless steel blade will cut perfect fillets every time from your daily catch. Equally impressive, our stainless steel knives come out of the box ready to go fishing. The technology incorporated into the blades of these knives ensures they are ideal whether you headed for a fresh or saltwater fishing trip. Either way, our oversized ergonomic handle will make a big difference in how your fillet knife performs and the feel of our firm grip will comfortably match the shape of your hand.

Remember, not all fishing knives are created equal. So, the next time you go fishing, make sure you include several Sarge knives in your tackle box. After all, what's the point of catching the "big one" if you don't have the right tools to clean and eat it? For the avid outdoorsman, we also offer a complete line of Gut Hook knives designed to make your next trip a great experience. When it comes to fishing knives, we understand that the only tool you value more is your fishing rod. Thanks for visiting Sarge Knives online, and please let us know how we can improve your next fishing trip!

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