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Folding Knives

As an everyday carry, folding knives are often much more versatile and easier to tote than a traditional fixed blade knife. In situations where it would be difficult or inappropriate to wear a belt sheath, folders offer convenience and are generally safer to use as the blades can be closed to fit neatly inside the knife's handle. However, folding blade knives are typically not as durable as a fixed blade and usually aren't intended for heavy-duty tasks. That's not to say that everyone should give up their favorite non-fixed blade folder and strap on a dagger. Folders today come in a variety of shapes, sizes and blade configurations to either match the task at hand or be versatile enough for utilitarian use. In fact, the old-fashioned pocketknife is still among the best selling knifes of all time.

In recent years, folding knives have been designed to take on a variety of new challenges. First responders, fire fighters, electricians, hunters, anglers, military personnel and survivalists are taking one or more folding knives along with them wherever they go, and for good reasons. Not only are these knives convenient, the newer locking mechanisms have expanded the folder's capabilities. Lockback folders provide a new level of safety and allow the knife to be used for much heavier tasks. Although the conventional lockback requires two hands to close using a mechanism located on top of the handle, some lockbacks allow for ambidextrous one-handed opening and closing. Moreover, today's thin profile blades can significantly reduce the weight making it hard to know you're toting.

The ability to safely carry a knife in your pocket is a real bonus. But, folding knives are harder to clean and have to be properly maintained to keep dirt and debris out of the knife's mechanisms that are critical for opening, locking and closing the blades. As a multipurpose knife, it is hard to beat a good folder. Contrary to the vision of a decked out Swiss Army knife, most folding knives today are either designed to be an Every Day Carry that is versatile enough to handle common tasks or a working knife designed for specific functions. For most of us, a good pocketknife is indispensable and a tool that we frequently rely on to make our life a lot easier. Design features like assisted opening and solid lockback mechanisms have lessened some of the advantages of toting a fixed blade knife.

Fixed blade and folding knives each have unique capabilities (and weaknesses) based on what you need the knife to do. Folders are certainly more socially acceptable and can be easily tucked away when not in use. In certain states or cities, fixed blades are illegal to carry as an everyday knife, so a good folding knife may be your only option. If locking knives or assisted opening knives are prohibited, there are numerous non-fixed blade knives where those features are not critical for work or utilitarian use. If you are shopping for an everyday knife to tote, Sarge Knives has an extensive selection of versatile folding knives. So, please continue to browse for the perfect tool for your pocket. If you have any questions or need assistance with an order, don't hesitate to call us toll free at 1-800-454-7448.