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Gentlemen Knives

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Gentlemen's Knives

Back in the 1950's, when men took pleasure in how they looked and the kind of work they had, it was standard to don themselves with tailored suits matched with well-polished shoes. These well-groomed men not only carried a fountain pen in their pocket, but a gentleman's knife as well. This small, lightweight pocket knife made of high quality materials and professional designs was considered a status symbol.

The folding knife was sought after because it fit perfectly in the pocket of trousers or suits. Besides, it was very easy to handle and required very minimal sharpening. Today, the tradition continues. At Sarge Knives, we take pride in bringing you a piece of the past. And because we know that the gentleman in you deserves nothing less than the best, we offer you a series of Gentlemen's Knives made of superior materials and elegant designs. Our Amber Jigged Bone Folder is just one classic example of what we can offer. This and all our other Gentlemen's folding knives are small enough to carry effortlessly and discreetely. With sharp yet stylish stainless steel blades matched with elegant-looking handles, they are rightly called professional knives.

With an elegant gentlemen's pocket knife from Sarge Knives, even such mundane tasks as cutting the strings from a package, or opening a box or letter can be done with style. This is not a knife for carving wood, skinning a deer, or lighting fires. We have those too, but this gentlemen's knife is made to be your ideal companion when you're at the office. At Sarge Knives, it is our commitment to bring you the best quality knives at the most affordable prices. Shop our large selection and we are confident that you will find a knife you'll be proud either to own, or give as a gift to that special gentleman in your life.