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Whether you are an occasional outdoorsman or serious hunter, a hunting knife is a great accessory for any adventure. Since durability favors a fixed-blade knife, hunting knives haven't changed much over the years. The basic features of a good hunting knife are all useful and much less gimmicky than a tradesman knife or multi-tool blade. However, there is no one-size-fits-all, and avid hunters often choose to carry multiple types of hunting knives with them, especially when spending extended amounts of time in the wild. Hunting knives with a fixed blade are notorious for having a solid feel but folders are more portable. At Sarge Knives we know what you need, and our hunting knives come ready to go straight from the box.

The handle of a hunting knife should never be overlooked as the fit and feel are directly related to the power that you can deliver when cleaning a fresh kill or chopping through the night's firewood. The handle should provide a firm feel and work seamlessly with the blade. Although most of today's knife handles are made of high-tech, moisture-resistant materials that have enormous strength and durability, some models are still available with natural bone, leather, or wood handles for the true aficionado. We understand that old-timers may favor the traditionally shaped handle, but depending on how the knife is used, Sarge Knives has an excellent selection of hunting knives with handles for larger and smaller hands, as well as grips designed for ambidextrous applications.

Since few people nowadays actually hunt with a knife, our knives are made with multiple tasks in mind. That way your hunting knife can be used for skinning game, peeling potatoes, or slicing fresh cooked meat without losing its razor sharpness. For generations, carbon steel (a metal alloy of carbon and iron) was the metal of choice for most hunting knife blades. Carbon steels can produce blades that are easier to sharpen than stainless steel blades, but without the added element of chromium, carbon steel knives are more susceptible to rust and corrosion. Hunting knives from Sarge Knives are made from 440 Stainless Steel and finished (i.e. - satin) or coated to provide an aesthetic look. Other non-corrosive features to be considered include handle pins, lanyard holes and finger guards.

As any avid hunter knows, a good hunting knife is hard to find. Our goal is to always give you the most knife for your money and back it with a lifetime guarantee. At Sarge Knives, we understand that the best hunting knife for one person may not be the best for someone else. Although several top line hunting knives, like our TK Pro Hunter, come with a fixed blade and custom leather sheath, most models are designed to be durable folding knives with ergonomic handles for convenience and ease of use. Many are equipped with ambidextrous thumb studs for maximum performance for both right and left-handed applications. Sarge Knives online has a broad selection of quality hunting knives, machetes and hunting knife kits to meet every need. Thanks for visiting and let us know how we can improve your next hunt.