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Knife Sets


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Knife Sets 

Everyone knows that a good Knife Set is an important part of any kitchen table. From the cook to the guests, having the right blade or serrated edge allows you to make precision cuts without making a mess of a good piece of meat or loaf of fresh-baked bread. Sarge Knives has knife sets that are perfect for use in the finest kitchen or fireside on any outdoor adventure. Not only do they look great, they are designed to fit your hand and eliminate the hassle of carving the most challenging cut. After all, carving a large piece of meat is often a more difficult task than preparing it in the kitchen or galley.

Whether you're slicing a piece of fruit or filleting your fresh catch, the right knife makes the job a whole lot easier. If you are a traditionalist, you'll love the feel of our Rosewood handle Hobo knife set or the smooth Derlin and white bone finish on our serrated steak knives. Both sets feature blades crafted from 440C Stainless Steel and the Hobo set comes with a snap-closure outdoor leather pouch while the black & white steak knives come in a black wooden presentation box. For an ideal cut through a fine piece of red meat, try our Le Steak edition of mirror polished blades with malachite resin handles.

The cutlery experts at Sarge Knives have created our high-quality knife sets just for you. Many of our knife sets come in gorgeous presentation boxes like our Prime Cut carving set with stainless steel blades and Coco Bolo wood handles. The full tang blade and 11 1/2 inch fork allow you to cut cleanly through any piece of meat without sawing or leaving ragged slices on the plate. So, do not get caught short-handed with an inferior knife that will ruin a good steak or fine piece meat. SARGE knife sets are durable with sturdier blades making them much less apt to bend when boning or slicing. Plus, our ergonomic handles and cutlery designs are perfect for preparing and carving any cut of meat.