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Machetes are built for heavier tasks and manage the wilderness better than the best fixed-blade knife. A good machete will increase your efficiency and reduce the fatigue of clearing brush, cutting through limbs, preparing cordage for building a shelter, or chopping up dead firewood. They are the preferred cutting tool for green and hanging foliage, such as vines, briars and palm fronds. With a much longer blade than the largest knife, the momentum obtained in a sweeping motion allows multiple cuts to be made with every swing.

Some machetes will also have a sickle hook design at the end of the blade for battling thicker underbrush or making cuts closer to the ground. In situations where a knife is too small to get the job done, or an axe is too heavy to make quick work of clearing a path, the machete is an invaluable tool. On the other hand, machetes are useless when the cut is below or at ground level as well as when weight is required for splitting a log or hammering a stake into the ground. If you need a heavier, log-splitting tool, you should check out our axes. If you have any question or need assistance ordering any outdoor cutting tool, call us toll free at 1-800-454-7448.

Sarge Knives is proud to offer machetes in addition to all of our other quality knives-shop now!