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Multi Tool

Everyone likes to tinker with a multi-tool! The concept of a multi-tool dates back to the time of the Roman Empire, when troops were routinely mobilized on long journeys across Western Europe, the Persian Gulf, and Northern Africa. Maintaining the most powerful military of the time meant having superior weapons to strike fear in the hearts of their enemies. This was indeed the heyday for advancements in the use of metals to fabricate and mass-produce swords, spears (or javelins), daggers, and even knives that could be concealed in a soldier's pouch. However, long campaigns were less about engaging in daily skirmishes with the enemy and more about long treks, living in an unfamiliar wilderness, and camping out every night. Around 200 to 300 A.D., the first multi-tool was fashioned from iron and silver.

The Roman multi-tool was indeed an everyday implement, and not a weapon to be used for aggression or defense. The foldaway multi-tool included a knife, much like the small blade of today's pocketknife, a spike, a pick, a spatula, and a fork with a spoon at the opposite end. A stellar example of an 1800-year old multi-tool is now a vital part of Fitzwilliam Museum's collection at the University of Cambridge. In keeping with the Roman tradition, Sarge Knives offers the HOBO knife with a locking blade and locking fork that makes an ideal gift for campers, hunters, anglers, hikers, and anyone on the go. Made from 440C Stainless Steel, these utensils tuck neatly inside your choice of Rosewood or White Bone handles with an extended length of seven inches.

With so many items being toted about as an everyday carry, this is the era of options for multi-tools. A variety of styles, layouts, sizes, shapes, and toolsets has widened far beyond the ancient Roman Army Knife. Whether you're looking for a classic golf divot tool with a pop-out stainless divot fork, or a steward's wine tool for your favorite sommelier, we have a high-quality multi-tool that won't disappoint. Many of our tradesmen knives, camping knives, boating knives, tactical knives, woodworking knives, and work knives feature multiple blades that tuck neatly away into the knife's handle as a convenient carry. So whether you need a full-sized folding knife with a belt clip, a hardcore survival tool, or a tiny keychain multi-tool for everyday use, check out our selection at Sarge Knives!

A multi-function pocket tool is a thoughtful gift any time of year. Our high quality multi tools are the perfect choice when you are looking for a new utility pocket knife. Whether you're shopping for a home improvement enthusiast, a graduate headed off to school, an avid outdoor enthusiast, your favorite golfer, or yourself, a multi-tool makes a thoughtful gift. Multi tools have been enjoyed throughout the ages and across all generations, so pick out your favorite today!