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Floor Display Package
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Price: $5,204.40
Product ID : SK-FDPKG

Two-Sided Spinning Floor Display Preset Package Includes an Assortment of Everyday Carry, Outdoor, & Tactical Knives.
Package includes: Spinning display with a magnetic board, lockable storage, locking acrylic covers, magnets for displaying knife, and magnetic price tags per knife. 4 of each knife listed in package for a total of 164 knives!

Floor displays packages also qualify dealers as Elite Dealers! As an Elite Dealer your store is listed under the 'Find a Dealer' page on our website.

Side 1 Assortment (4 of each knife):
SK-131, SK-208, SK-501MB, SK-502CAMO, SK-65, SK-800HV, SK-827, SK-903, SK-909HV, SK-912, SK-916, SK-922, SK-923, SK-926, SK-DRIFTER, SKT-50BK

Side 2 Assortment (4 of each knife):
SK-141ZNM, SK-25BK, SK-301BL, SK-301RD, SK-502BK, SK-503BL, SK-67, SK-705, SK-710, SK-800, SK-803, SK-811, SK-819, SK-820, SK-821, SK-822, SK-823, SK-824, SK-825, SK-828, SK-830
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Floor Display Package

Material: Metal Magnetic Board, Particleboard Construction
Overall: 70"H x 20"W x 20"D
Includes: 1 Magnetic Board for Displaying on Both Sides, Magnets for Displaying Knives, Magnetic Price Tags Per Knife, Knife Assortment Includes 164 Total Knives
Features: Ability to Customize, Both Sides Have Acrylic Locking Covers for Added Security, Locking Storage Base, and Ball Bearing Spinner

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