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The challenge that a tactical situation brings for fire fighters, police officers and military personnel is best dealt with using the right tools. Although there are many unique styles of tactical knives, any knife carrying that name should have a purposeful design and be manufactured from the best materials. This helps to ensure that the knife being used is both strong enough and has the durability to get the job done day after day. If the knife has a fixed-blade, it is important to have a sheath that can live up to the same demands. Since most tactical knives today are folding knives, you should pay close attention to the thumb studs, lanyard holes, and finger guards to make certain the quality of design and craftsmanship can stand up to the tasks for which it is used.

In recent years, tactical knives have been popularized in movies as well as online videos. Also known as combat knives, most tactical knives today have crossover value for non-military applications, such as an outdoor survival knife, or a durable first-responders' tool. In fact, a good tactical knife by design should have the strength and capability for use in extreme situations. When it comes to size, selecting a knife that feels right for your hand and has a manageable weight for getting the job done are more important variables. If you choose a fixed blade for your knife, it is important that it have a full tang manufactured from one continuous piece of metal. However, the sale of tactical folders has grown rapidly as portability has become an important feature for both combat and civilian applications.

Unlike the traditional pocket knife, a tactical knife has a thick single blade that is designed for a specific use. For example, a firefighter or first responder may opt for serrated blade for cutting through objects in a sawing motion. The one feature that holds true for all tactical folding knives is the need for a locking mechanism to hold the blade firmly in place. Some designs require the user to press a button or lever to allow the blade to close back into the handle. But, the most popular locking mechanism utilizes a metal liner inside the handle of the knife that acts like a leaf spring and stays locked in place when the knife is opened. Although criticized by some for its lack of rigidity, the liner lock provides a cost effective solution for a non-fixed blade knife.

Whether it is a folder or not, most tactical knives will have a corrosion-resistant finish that will help diminish glare in case the knife is used for fighting or other military situations. Additionally, these aggressive knives are available in a wide variety of blade shapes and handles. Since most tactical knives are very lightweight and easily tucked away, they are never seen until a need arises, and some come with a clip to hold them in place in your pants pocket or jacket. When called into action, the knife's thick blade locks in place with the ergonomic handle providing a non-slip grip that other knives just can't match. At Sarge Knives, we are confident that, after you've tried one of our tactical liner-lock folders, you will agree that they are the best quality and most affordable lockback on the market today. 

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