Tom Kreger Series

Tom Kreger Series


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Tom Kreger Knives

Designed by retired U.S. Army Colonel Tom Kreger, his series of Sarge Knives represents true class and beauty in a uniquely designed but highly functional knife. His fixed-blade bird knife is of the highest quality and design. Plus, the blades on Tom Kreger Knives are second to none; made of top quality 440c stainless steel. Winner of the Knife of the Award, Tom Kreger series features a wide variety of styles made of various handle materials.

These are hardworking knives and are great for all types of outdoor activities like hunting, fishing, work, or camping. Field tested throughout the United States under some of the most rigorous conditions, including the remote wilderness of Alaska, the Colonel's knives have passed with flying colors. So, you can count on their durability and reliability on your next outdoor adventure. The Tom Kreger series skinning knife is among the best in the industry. As a hunter, you know how important a good bird knife can be. After you've spent all day chasing your prey, the last thing you need to deal with is a dull blade that can cause you to waste a lot of the flesh. With our Tiger-stripped drop point knife, you will never have that problem. The smooth, sharp stainless blade will give you a clean cut every time.

Materials like 440c stainless steel are used to produce the highest grade of blades and is seldom used by your typical knife maker. The 440c steel makes the blade more resistant to corrosion and wear. It also boasts a 60 HRC, which is the highest hardness attainable among all the stainless alloys. This gives the blade a smooth polished surface and edges that are sharp as a razor. At Sarge Knives, we are proud to offer the Tom Kreger Series Knives; the highest class of knives for the outdoor sports enthusiast. We bring you this exceptional product at an affordable price and with reasonable shipping charges. Try a Tom Kreger knife today and experience the best the great outdoors has to offer!