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Tradesman Knives


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Tradesman Knives

As a good writing pen is to a pro writer, so is a durable work knife for an ace tradesman. Whether you're a construction foreman framing a wall, or a lineman needing the right blade for the job, a high-quality tradesman knife will never let you down. No doubt, a durable and dependable knife designed for heavy duty work is every craftsman's best friend. We make tradesman knives that are perfect for your every need. Plus, you can order any of the following products at a very affordable price directly from our online store.

  • Hawkbill Pocket Knife - So called because of its stainless hawk bill blade, electricians and landscapers alike love this multi-purpose blade. Used by electricians to strip wires, this sharp steel blade is also perfect for gardeners to prune stubborn plants and scrubs.
  • Lineman's Pocket Knife - This tool is a replica of the TL-29 which was commonly used by electricians during World War II. TL stands for Tool for Lineman. These folding knives consist of two stainless blades; one being a screwdriver blade, while the other one is a non-locking spear point.
  • The Ranch Hand Pocket Knife - The simple non-locking slip design of this knife will remind you of the timeless tradesman's sodbuster. It has a single stainless steel blade with a grooved derlin handle.
  • Lockback Folder Jr - This knife comes with a green and black non-slip rubber handle for a secure grip in any condition. This extremely durable knife is geared to survive wear and tear. Be assured that its steel blade designed for maximum sharpness is up-for any job.
  • Gun-Metal Aluminum Lockback Folder - Designed to be carried in your pocket, this lockback folder has a sharp steel blade with a flat grind that has thin edge for maximum performance.

The art of any hands-on trade demands that you have cutlery in your work belt with the best design for maximum performance. Part of a tradesman's custom is to have a tool that can cut most materials without needing a sharpener for years. At Sarge's Knives, we design our tradesman's knives with you in mind because we know that for a tradesman, nothing is more essential than a good work knife.