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Work Knives

Searching online for the perfect work knife? At Sarge Knives, we understand that your Everyday Carry (EDC) is more than a knife... it is a tool. A tool you use a lot and a knife that you depend on every day. So please continue to browse our website and look at our wide selection of high quality knives; all at great low prices. A work knife is indispensable, and we're certain that you'll find the blade and accessories that are right for you. While the features, size and shape of the EDC that you choose will be a personal preference, our menus are separated by the category of knife (e.g. - cutting tools), knife type (e.g. - assisted opening) and knife series (e.g. - tactical elite) for your shopping convenience.

Selecting the one work knife that you want to carry can be difficult decision. As a tool, it has to be strong enough to tackle any task from the everyday to the most demanding situations. The first consideration has to be what you want your knife to be able to do. For example, if you are a first responder, your blade has to be able to cut, saw or hack through a wide variety of obstacles that can help you save someone's life. On the other hand, if you are an electrician, you need a blade that supports your artisanship to safely splice wiring. Whether your best choice is a small-serrated blade that folds for easy storage in a jacket pocket, or a straight edge blade with a tanto point for scraping and prying, Sarge Knives has a blade and handle that will fit your hand as well as your needs.

An EDC is your personal blade, and a tool that you quickly grow to depend on. One of the most important features is how quickly you can access the blade, especially under pressure. Where it may be fine to use both hands to open a fishing knife, most work knives require a more convenient way to access your tool. If you're responding to an accident scene and need to cut someone out of a jammed seat belt, the type of opening system truly matters. Several models of our popular work knives feature a one-handed opening blade using a thumb stud. For even faster access, some of our knives have an ambidextrous handle and assisted opening to allow for even faster access. Finally, it is important that the blade you choose is well suited for the workload. The basic clip and drop point patterns offer a broad range of versatility, while the gut hook or tanto blade are much more task-specific.

Whether you carry your work knife in your pocket, use a belt clip, place it in your toolbox, or wear it on your side using a protective sheath, we have the right knife to get the job done. Sarge Knives are great for cutting, slicing, carving, chopping, skinning, filleting, gutting, peeling, hacking, ripping and doing everything in between. And, our work knives are designed to be both versatile and durable enough to be the last knife you need to own. But, with so many great deals and styles of knives to choose from, you'll want to bookmark our webpage and visit often. For some jobs, there is simply no substitute for a good folding knife. For other tasks, having a fixed blade knife in a belt sheath is much more efficient. Whatever knife you choose, rest assured that Sarge Knives provides a great selection of the highest quality knives. If you have questions about any of the knives you see, call us toll free at 1-800-454-7448 for personal assistance with your order.